Creativitas: Critical Explorations in Literary Studies

Online - Open Access - Double-Blind Peer-Reviewed

Creativitas: Critical Explorations in Literary Studies is not just a journal; it is a vibrant intellectual space that fosters critical explorations in the field of Literary Studies. Our community-driven initiative, born out of Sapientia, strives to create a platform where diverse voices and perspectives converge to shape the future of academic discourse.

Creativitas envisions becoming a cornerstone in the realm of literary scholarship, fostering a collaborative environment where scholars, researchers, and enthusiasts come together to push the boundaries of knowledge.

Our Goals

Objectives and Goals

Encourage submissions that represent a myriad of voices, perspectives, and methodologies in literary studies.
Embrace open-access principles to make scholarly content easily accessible to a global audience, fostering inclusivity in knowledge dissemination.
Uphold the highest standards of academic rigor through a robust peer-review process, ensuring that published works contribute significantly to the field.
Following the publication of our first issue, we are committed to applying for an ISSN, solidifying Creativitas' place in the scholarly landscape.
Cultivate an active and engaged community through discussions, events, and collaborations, creating a dynamic space for intellectual exchange.

Creativitas is committed to enhancing its global visibility and accessibility through strategic integration with esteemed repositories. As part of this initiative, we aim to become a recognized participant in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), a prestigious online directory featuring high-quality open-access journals.

Upon obtaining our ISSN, Creativitas intends to further elevate its standing in the scholarly publishing landscape by seeking membership in the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA). This membership will ensure alignment with global best practices in open-access publishing, reinforcing our commitment to excellence.

In addition to these measures, Creativitas is enthusiastic about forging collaborations with institutional repositories affiliated with universities and research institutions. This collaboration is designed to extend the reach of our journal within academic communities, fostering broader engagement and dissemination of scholarly insights.

These strategic initiatives underscore our dedication to not only upholding the highest standards in academic publishing but also ensuring that Creativitas becomes a widely recognized and easily accessible resource within the academic community.