About Sapientia

About Sapientia

Welcome to Sapientia, a thriving online community that emerged in September 2023 to cater to the unique needs of students, researchers, scholars, teachers, and professors specializing in English Studies. What began as a humble WhatsApp group with around 150 members quickly blossomed into a dynamic platform dedicated to the dissemination of Call for Papers for a wide array of books, journals, seminars, and conferences. Recognizing the need for a more expansive platform, we transitioned to a dedicated WhatsApp community, and by the end of 2023, Sapientia had grown to nearly 1000 members strong.

At Sapientia, we transcend the traditional boundaries of academic networking. In addition to serving as a hub for sharing opportunities through Call for Papers, our community actively engages in the exchange of knowledge and resources. Members generously share valuable books and articles, stay abreast of the latest employment news and updates, and exchange vital information about various entrance exams and courses. Our commitment goes beyond merely sharing information; we foster a supportive environment where members can seek and provide advice and guidance, creating a collaborative space that enriches the academic journey for all.

Sapientia is not just a community; it's a dynamic ecosystem where individuals passionate about English Studies come together to build connections, share insights, and collectively navigate the diverse landscapes of academia. Whether you're a student seeking resources, a researcher exploring new opportunities or a professor looking to engage with like-minded peers, Sapientia is your digital home for all things English Studies. Join us in this intellectual journey, where knowledge knows no bounds, and collaboration knows no limits.

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Agnibha Maity
PhD Research Scholar, North Bengal University
Aniket Roy
PhD Research Scholar, IIT Gandhinagar
Arpan Mitra
PhD Research Scholar, St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata
Kaushani Mondal
Assistant Professor, North Bengal University
Dr. Silpi Maitra
Assistant Professor, Falakata College
Shreya Chakrabarty
Assistant Professor, Rampurhat College
Srijita Biswas
PhD Research Scholar, IISER Bhopal